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A place to store my stuff. Hey, it's easier than attaching stuff to e:mails all the time!


Hi, Dave Summers here.  This site is here to keep my stuff.  Feel free to poke around, and look at the 'latest' trip photos, fishing photos, space photos etc.  I even have a few jokes scattered around. 

There is some useful stuff too.  Remember, I am a programmer, so I can write some worthwhile utilities and whatnot.  So be sure and look at the "FoxPro links."  There are some useful things for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro in there.

I have posted my Homebrew Recipe filer in the FoxPro section and the Brew section too.  It is a fully functional free download.  I'm not trying to make any money from it, it is just a pet project.  It isn't meant for the commercial brewer, but it works dandy for the hobbyist.  Feel free to download it and give it a spin.  Use the e:mail address below if you have any feedback/suggestions/comments/commentaries.

Well, have fun and

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